Build continuous trust into your entire DevOps process.Go beyond the limitations of traditional certificate authorities.

1) Sign

Sign your source code, libraries, builds, and containers in one simple step and have your signatures immutably stored using distributed ledger technology.

2) Verify

Automate and continuously verify the integrity of your DevOps environment.

Enable your customers to verify the authenticity of your solutions.

3) Benefit

Easily manage, monitor, and, when needed, revoke any of your digital assets, whether it’s 10 or 10,000.

Increase trust in your solutions, lower support costs, and have more overview of your DevOps environment.

vChain is the provider of the standard software verification platform in DevOps.

Fast, open source and decentralized, for the benefit of all.

Specifically designed for code signing

Guarantees the veracity of software

Does not require digital certificates

Signer identities are verified through Know Your Customer practices

Enables the monitoring and management of all signed assets 

Allows for timely reactions to abuses and the instant revocation of trust

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