I am proud to announce that vChain is releasing CodeNotary v0.3.2 today. This is CodeNotary first release to the public and, after months of engineering efforts, we all feel super excited about the progress we have made to get to this point.

CodeNotary disrupts the whole digital certificates industry by making the code signing process simple, instant and cheap. Over the past few weeks, we have read public posts complaining that the current signing process is painful, long, expensive and, most of all, unable to guarantee true software trust. With the release of today, we are putting an end to it.

What’s released in CodeNotary v 0.3.2:

CodeNotary Dashboardhttps://dashboard.vchain.us/

Registering, managing signed assets, revoking signatures from obsolete or buggy code, and analyzing how software distributions are performing has never been so easy.

The web-based dashboard allows software publishers to manage their signatures from one central management tool.

Not only that, with CodeNotary signed assets turns into a source of customer intelligence.

In the home page, you can see which software assets are more popular (i.e. have been verified the most) and see how they have performed over time compared to other assets.

“My Assets” provides the full list of your signed assets and the possibility to drill down on a specific asset to check the signature timestamp, the current trust level, how many times it was verified and when.

“My Signature” reports the signing key that used to sign the assets, and if need be, change it.

Finally, you can change your profile information, password, etc. on the “My Profile” page. In the next release, you will be also able to upgrade your user level, providing more information about yourself or your company and therefore increasing the trust for the assets you are signing.

CodeNotary Command Line Interface

CodeNotary Command Line Interface (CLI) allows software publishers to sign their code and applications directly from the command line. It can be downloaded from our GitHub repository and run on your machine.

The CLI works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Once installed the CLI you will be able, with just 1 command, to:

  • login: using the credentials you created when you registered on the Dashboard. During your first login, the command will also create your unique Signing Key (SHA 256 based) and associate it to your account on the CodeNotary Registry
  • sign: sign your code (source code, binaries, containers, scripts or any other digital asset) and, in the future, your repositories. Guarantee your software integrity and identity, simply specifying the filename or URL. It will be added to the blockchain
  • verify: as a software consumer you can also verify the assets signed by you, your colleagues or other software publishers with one command
  • list: get the list of all the assets signed with your Signing Key, and the most relevant information about them
  • untrust: remove trust from assets that cannot be trusted anymore
  • unsupport: make a buggy and obsolete software “unsupported” so that your customers don’t run the risk of using old software and update more frequently


Getting rid of expensive and useless digital certificates and analyzing how your software distributions perform on the market, is finally possible, thanks for CodeNotary.

Start your 15-days free-trial here and join the code signing revolution.