Open Source

vChain: truly open, truly decentralized, truly secure

Our solutions are built upon extensive use of great Open Source Software. Therefore we’re fully committed to giving back to the community. The majority of software we produce is released under Open Source Licenses (predominantly GPL3).

As we fully disclose our work in such a way this means that you can be sure of both the security aspects and – from time to time – also the still open issues of our software.

Our roadmap is a smart compound of smaller tactical steps to eventually reach our vision to make trusted computing a reality. You can find the next announced releases on our product page.

Get in touch

We’re happy to receive feedback of any kind from users and fellow coders. We’re deeply convinced that our solution can only grow into the right direction with the guidance of a professional, enthusiastic and respectful community around us.

We will be opening up our mailing list or Slack at a later stage once we’ve reached a critical mass of followers.
And btw, we’re always trying to hire great people;-)