Opvizor using CodeNotary integrity for Snapwatcher latest release

Just last week Opvizor released the latest version of Snapwatcher. Instead of signing it with a digital certificate, Opvizor decided to use CodeNotary for integrity verification. Like other software vendors, Opvizor grew tired of paying $500 for a digital certificate to sign a low price range product. Just a few days before, in an interview with BleepingComputer, Don Ho, the creator of well…

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CodeNotary 1.1 has been released

The vChain team released today the new version of CodeNotary. CodeNotary 1.1 brings new and exciting features to the CodeNotary Dashboard. With a focus on improving the user experience as well as providing more information on signed assets, this release gives to the CodeNotary users a new set of tools for better analysis and insights and a more intuitive user interface. CodeNotary Dashboard…

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CodeNotary released today!

I am proud to announce that vChain is releasing CodeNotary v0.3.2 today. This is CodeNotary first release to the public and, after months of engineering efforts, we all feel super excited about the progress we have made to get to this point. CodeNotary disrupts the whole digital certificates industry by making the code signing process simple, instant and cheap. Over the past few weeks, we have…

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vChain, the global standard for enabling high-integrity, verifiable software distribution, opens its European research and development center in Vienna.

vChain offers a de-centralized trust verification platform for software publishers enabling businesses for the first time to authoritatively assert the provenance of the software they use for their mission critical applications. Moshe Bar, CEO of vChain visiting the Vienna office today, said “Our solution is changing forever the way vendors and businesses manage software. vChain has assembled a…

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vChain, weltweit führend in sicherer und überprüfbarer, blockchain-basierter Softwarebereitstellung, eröffnet heute sein europäisches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum in Wien.

vChain entwickelt eine dezentralisierte Plattform für Software-Entwickler zur Überprüfung der Vertrauenswürdigkeit und Integrität von Softwarepaketen- und komponenten. Unternehmen jeder Größe können erstmals die genaue Herkunft sowie Struktur, der von ihnen für ihre geschäftskritischen Anwendungen verwendeten Software auf einer fälschungssicheren Plattform prüfen. Moshe Bar, CEO von vChain,…

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Press Release

Linux Journal talks about vChain launch of CodeNotary.

Interviewed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Moshe Bar talks about vChain and how its product, CodeNotary, will change the way software integrity is managed.

VMblog's Expert Interviews: Dennis Zimmer talks about the launch of, software asset trust, and blockchain verification

vChain eröffnet europäisches Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum in Wien