CodeNotary is a simple to use tool that allows any developer and software publisher to sign her own source code, applications or any other digital assets, with 1 simple command. With CodeNotary vendors can add to their software assets key information which digital certificates can’t provide.

Businesses and software consumers can, just as simply, verify who signed the code and when. CodeNotary will also display whether the code is trusted or it was recalled by the vendor because of known bugs or vulnerabilities.  

To get started with CodeNotary you can go CodeNotary Page and register your free trial account.

Code signing has never been so easy.

CodeNotary Downloads Integrity Verification - Extension for Chrome

Go to the Chrome Web Store

Avoid the risk of installing malicious clones on your machines!

Whereas digital certificates cannot guarantee the integrity and identity of software, and GPG is difficult to set up and time-consuming to use, CodeNotary Download Integrity Verification extension for Chrome allows you to verify the integrity of your software downloads without hassle.

Download and install CodeNotary Downloads Integrity Verification extension from Chrome Web Store and start verifying the integrity of your downloads automatically.

Don’t run unnecessary risks and avoid malicious software clones with a simple plug-in.