vChain, the makers of the CodeNotary Open Source code trust solution with over 9 million monthly customer integrity verifications raises $7 million in Series A to secure today’s DevOps process.

HOUSTON, Texas Jan 21, 2020: vChain (, the leading trust and integrity company, today announced the close of a $7M Series A investment round. Elaia Partners (Paris, France), led the new investment round, which includes also other notable investors such as Bluwat (Zug, Switzerland) and Acequia Capital (Seattle, USA). vChain was founded in late 2018 and released its first product in April 2019.

vChain’s flagship product CodeNotary ( enables organizations, software developers and DevOps teams to notarize their software assets and digital objects immutably which then allows any deployment manager, user or other developers to verify what digital asset was worked on by whom and when.

“CodeNotary today processes over 9 million code and container authentications every single month. We believe this is proof that the market demands secure and simple to use trust solutions for the modern DevOps environment.” said CEO Moshe Bar (previously founder of XenSource and Qumranet, the KVM company) “With much more at stake both financially and reputationally, companies must act quickly to bring trust and security into their DevOps process. CodeNotary was created to solve this issue and ensure that only trusted code and data run in production.”

The list of integrations goes all the way from platform integration with GitHub and GitLab, to CI/CD tools, to container orchestration such as Kubernetes, along with languages such as JavaScript, Python, Go, Java and many more.

“Our vision is a digital world where every object has a globally unique and meaningful identity.” said Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and CTO “For the first time, DevOps teams can completely secure the integrity of their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. Not just internally, but also across companies, contributors and contractors.”

Tom Luessi, CEO of Swiss-based Truecore and Naveum, has been waiting for a simple-to-use solution that guaranteed the integrity of his system integration products. He observed: “CodeNotary allows our customers to know unequivocally who worked on their code and run-time and when, and thus eliminate product delivery friction between system integrator and clients.”

Marc Rougier, partner at Elaia, a leading European VC, announced the new round by saying, “The DevOps industry is a rapidly growing billion-dollar market transforming itself very quickly. The importance of DevOps for any organization is obvious, no matter its size. However, the main reason for hesitation in DevOps transformation is a lack of trust. vChain is the leading solution to bring trust to DevOps and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

The company will use the new capital to further develop and scale its CodeNotary™ platform, to invest in top talent, and to build out sector-specific sales and marketing programs.

vChain was founded in 2018 by Moshe Bar, the CEO, and Dennis Zimmer, the CTO. Both are serial entrepreneurs with an established track record of building and managing successful businesses. The company employs a team with expertise in analytics, data science, distributed ledger technologies, immutable databases, and certificate management. vChain is headquartered in Houston, TX, USA, and operates a second office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, EU.