Under the imperative of shorter time-to-market, companies are putting ever-increasing pressure on development teams to deliver faster. As results, developers tend to use as much as possible existing code and libraries. While this practice increases overall efficiency, it also creates significant exposure to risk.

Over the last twelve months, data hacks have severely impaired even the largest corporations. Equifax and Marriott Hotel’s cases are good examples. Companies see their value quickly evaporate, together with their hardly-built brand, while recovery costs keep going up.

According to the NPM team, the average JavaScript developer sources 500 packages a week. At the same time, enterprise software includes on average 257 open source components. So, how can developers be sure of using only original and untampered software?

GPG and digital certificates have been unable to answer this need. vChain CodeNotary was founded to guarantee the integrity and origin of software.

Built on top of a fast, permissioned blockchain, CodeNotary store trust information about software assets, in a way that they cannot be manipulated. Thanks to the blockchain, middle-men (Certification Authorities) become unnecessary in software trust chain. Software publishers gain back control over their assets.

With vChain CodeNotary, software vendors, large or small, closed-source or open-source, can guarantee integrity and identity of their software in just 1 step. At the same time, business customers can download, install and run untampered and original software as CodeNotary effectively avoids untrusted software from being used.