Zero-Trust Consortium

vChain is a founding member and the main catalyst behind the Zero-Trust Consortium

The Zero-Trust Consortium offers and operates a low-latency, high-throughput permissioned blockchain by the software industry, for the software industry, to foster the creation of innovative new products based on rigid trust. The Zero-Trust Consortium Blockchain will operate 24/7 for free to all members.

The Zero-Trust Consortium, a Swiss non-profit organization, is managed and operated by its members and financed by modest annual fees.

Completely Open Source based, the consortium guarantees neutrality across its nodes and enforces simple rules of conduct for members operating the blockchain nodes.

The Zero-Trust Consortium worldwide permissioned blockchain is based on the Ethereum Parity software, with enhancements to allow easy monitoring and replication. With no transactional costs and infinite hash storage, this technology guarantees low latency, high throughput, and globally distributed transparency.

The vChain platform is based on the Zero-Trust Consortium Blockchain.

For more information or to join the Zero-Trust Consortium visit its website